Tent Cards

Tent cards are trending prints seen mainly in cafes, clubs, restaurants, hotels, events, and so on. It’s always great to make it attention-grabbing. When you keep it on top of the table maybe with a menu or as an offer or maybe as a name card people should feel looking at it. This is when you want to add some kind of special thing that’s auspicious to make it more beautiful. Special paper can be preferred mainly for events, some metallic inks on that would make it look cool.

For restaurants or cafes, a more durable tent card is better. Instead of a textured paper, you can use lamination for restaurant tent cards. Soft-touch lamination is mostly recommended. Make it luxurious with digital 3d foil and spot UV effects. A patterned UV is also good for making an attractive finish. Tent card printing is now a trend, mainly custom tent cards. So go for yours.

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